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About us

CTI Marketing is a full service marketing, advertising, and digital agency specializing in visual branding, website development, messaging, lead generation programs, and digital advertising. Our company is racially diverse and we’re strong advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion. A significant portion of our portfolio includes clients who serve diverse communities and/or champion diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.

We bring to the table 25+ years of experience executing marketing and messaging for start ups, causes, higher-educational institutions, government entities, and non-profit organizations. At our core, we are creative thinkers, brilliant strategists, and digital experts.

We love building companies and helping them achieve their full potential through beautiful, innovative, and inspired work that focuses on amplifying a mission and impacting change. We execute digital marketing across multiple touch points to help organizations achieve their goals and increase profitability..

We create effective digital marketing strategies that compel action, drive engagement, and yield a high return on investment.

ConcinTel Mobile

ConcinTel Mobile is an online equity crowdfunding funding portal and capital marketplace platform – in compliance with the 2012 JOBS Act Title III Regulation Crowdfunding – that provides consulting services to assist business owners and investors (accredited and non-accredited) with the transfer and exchange of human capital and social capital into financial capital through crowdfunding, reward points, and non-financial social assets that promote social mobility beyond economic means.

NASEMBA Business Alliance

NASEMBA Business Alliance is a network of small and emerging businesses dedicated to social entrepreneurship. Our mission is to encourage the fair market exchange of goods and services between our members and the formation alliances that address our community’s most pressing needs.

The Cora Lee
Cuff Fund

The Cora Lee Cuff Fund is a non-profit fund in partnership with Community Foundation of Northeast Florida, which administers this donor advised fund, and was developed to raise funds and awareness to encourage literacy through entrepreneurship and the arts.

ConcinTel, LLC

ConcinTel, LLC is a family of companies which, through our partnership with members of NASEMBA Business Alliance, forms micro-franchised, business incubation management system which includes a full-scale off-site customer service department and call center for emerging businesses. Through our emerging business incubator and our four-stage business development process, entrepreneurs are afforded the opportunity to find the support, encouragement and advocacy they need to leverage shared resources that will help sustain the growth of their businesses.